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The Furrow – A Podcast for Catholic Men

Brandon Duncan, Cameron Davis & Father Robert McTeigue, SJ

The Furrow is a podcast for a new generation of Catholic men earnestly seeking to lead lives worthy of their calling as husbands and fathers. In each episode we discuss topics related to our Catholic faith, family and fatherhood. We hope to inspire other men and fathers to learn and live more fully the truths of our Catholic faith, so together we may be witnesses to a culture in need of more faithful husbands and loving fathers. While our program is not sponsored or associated directly with a parish or diocese, we do pledge fidelity to the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church. However, we do not in any way represent the Magisterium nor do we speak as official representatives of the Catholic Church. All topics discussed in this podcast should be considered opinions of the hosts and not official pronouncements of the Church.

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